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Thrillers are one of the most popular categories of books.
It is the thrill-of-the-chase. Will the hapless hero come good in the end? Will the fair maiden be saved? What is the fate of the Earth?

Picture of The Silent Man book cover
The Silent Man by Alex Berenson

Picture of Angels and Demons book cover
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Picture of Scalpel book cover
Scalpel by Paul Carson

Picture of One Shot book cover
One Shot by Lee Child

Picture of Daddy's Little Girl book cover
Daddy's Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark

Picture of Black Eagles book cover
Black Eagles by Larry Collins

Picture of Final Flight book cover
Final Flight by Stephen Coonts

Picture of Sharpe's Battle book cover
Sharpe's Battle by Bernard Cornwell

Picture of Crescent Dawn book cover
Crescent Dawn by Clive Cussler

Picture of Devil May Care book cover
Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks

Picture of Paranoia book cover
Paranoia by Joseph Finder

Picture of The Day After Tomorrow book cover
The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom

Picture of The Afghan book cover
The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth

Picture of The Abduction book cover
The Abduction by Mark Gimenez

Picture of Perestroika Christi book cover
Perestroika Christi by John Hands

Picture of An Officer and a Spy book cover
An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris

Picture of Skin Tight
Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen

Picture of Confessional book cover
Confessional by Jack Higgins

Picture of Blood Memory book cover
Blood Memory by Greg Iles

Picture of Shiver book cover
Shiver by Lisa Jackson

Picture of Woman in the Fifth book cover
Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy

Picture of Marks of Cain book cover
Marks of Cain by Tom Knox

Picture of Cold Kill book cover
Cold Kill by Stephen Leather

Picture of Our Kind of Traitor book cover
Our Kind of Traitor by John le Carre

Picture of Shutter Island book cover
Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Picture of The_Associate book cover
The Associate by Philip Margolin

Picture of Snow Wolf book cover
Snow Wolf by Glenn Meade

Picture of The Skin Gods book cover
The Skin Gods by Richard Montanari

Picture of Master and Commander book cover
Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian

Picture of Natural Causes book cover
Natural Causes by Michael Palmer

Picture of When the Wind Blows book cover
When the Wind Blows by James Patterson

Picture of Skull Mantra book cover
The Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison

Picture of State of War book cover
State of War by Steve Perry

Picture of Detour book cover
Detour by James Siegel

Picture of The Venice Conspiracy book cover
The Venice Conspiracy by Jon Trace

Picture of Blood Rules book cover
Blood Rules by John Trenhaile

Picture of The Forbidden Room book cover
The Forbidden Room by Sarah Wray

Picture of Angel's Game book cover