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James Hamilton Paterson

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James Hamilton Paterson is an author of fiction and a poet. He is also an author of some splendid non-fiction on Egypt, the sea and deep sea exploration. Playing With Water is about his time spent on the island of Tiwarik in the Phillipines and his experiences there. James Hamilton Paterson is a one-off. A loner who does what he wants. But he does it brilliantly. Born on November 6, 1941 in London, Hamilton Paterson went to Windlesham House, Essex. He continued to go to Oxford. Following his work as a hospital orderly in St.Stephen's Hospital for a period of two years, Paterson got a job as a reporter with the New Statesman. He did this for five years, until 1974, when he landed the job of features editor for Nova magazine. From 1979 he has lived in the Philippines most of the year, somtimes spending time in Austria or Italy.

James Hamilton Paterson Books

Playing With Water

Playing With Water

Picture of Playing With Water Book Cover

Book Review:

James Hamilton Paterson spends a third of his year on the island of Tiwarik in the Philippines. Here he describes his life and the beauty of his surroundings.

Book Condition:
Very slight wear to covers Good Copy
Sceptre Paperback 1988 Reprint
Book Weight: 280g

ISBN 0340484861

Book Type:
Travel Book:The Phillipines

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James Hamilton Paterson Books

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