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Picture of Shall We Join the Ladies?

Shall We Join the Ladies
by Jilly Cooper

This is a light-hearted look at women and their ways from the perspective of two accomplished authors

Picture of The Dilbert Principle
The Dilbert Principle
by Scott Adams

Scott Adams takes a poke at business management and gives you some real lessons along the way.

Picture of What are You Optimistic About?
What are You Optimistic About?
by John Brockman

A treat for those of us who see the world without rose tinted glasses.

Picture of How About a Quarrel Before Bed?
How About a Quarrel Before Bed?
by Melville Calman

These are sketches of the very highest order. Humour to make your sides split. These are very good sketches by a very funny and professional cartoonist.

Picture of Carrott Roots and Other Myths
Carrott Roots and Other Myths
by Jasper Carrott

Hotter than Joan Collin' memoirs, Bigger than Jeffrey Archer's ego, Wilder than yesterday in Parliament, its CARROTT ROOTS

Picture of Born to be Riled
Born to be Riled
by Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson at his funny and mischievous best writing about various subjects. Clarkson strays away from the motoring guides to relay his thoughts on the G6 Summit gilpower and the like.

Picture of The Almost Animals
Almost Animals
by Kieran Furey

Kieran Furey rants and raves about some of his pet-hates in his petulant way. Subjects include Bald Men, Bankers, Bar Staff, Doctors, Television Personalities and others.

Picture of The Semi-Detached
by Griff Rhys Jones

This is Griff Rhys Jones's own account of his ordinary suburban childhood and his rise to fame.

Picture of Every_Living_Thing
Every Living Thing
by James Herriot

James Herriot has captivated millions with tales of triumphs, disasters, pride and sometimes heartache about his time as a vet in the Yorkshire Dales.

Picture of The Sound of Laughter
The Sound of Laughter
by Peter Kay

One of the funniest and best loved comedians tells us how he came to achieve his extraordinary success.

Picture of Mad Strikes Back
Mad Strikes Back
by Harvey Kurtzman

50TH Anniversary Facsimile Edition of the first Mad paperbacks. The second in the series, this is where it all started.

Picture of Sod's Law of the Sea
Sod's Law of the Sea
by Bill Lucas and Andrew Spedding

An immensely funny book about yachting. All the things you need to know while having your sides split with laughter.

Picture of Book of Poor Ould Fellas
Book of Poor Ould Fellas
by Declan Lynch

This is a lament to a quickly disappearing phenomenon of Irish life. The Ould Fella.

Picture of Life and Laughing
Life and Laughing
by Michael McIntyre

This is the story of Michael McIntyre's rise from selling one ticket at the Edinburgh Festival to selling half a million tickets for his last tour.

Picture of Twinkle Winkle
Twinkle Winkle
by Peter Mayle

Can Aries find happiness with Gemini? Is Taurus in the ascendant or is he just pleased to see you? Does being born on a cusp leave a nasty scar? Can the science of the stars predict the ups and downs of Man`s Best Friend?

Picture of How To Be Inimitable
How To Be Inimitable
by George Mikes

This is a guide for foreigners on how to appear English by someone who in fact was not himself English but realised that he could make himself appear English.

Picture of The Orange Mocha-Chip Frappuccino Years
The Orange Mocha-Chip Frappuccino Years
by Ross O'Carroll Kelly

Comic, hilarious but also true to life.

Picture of Age and Guile
Age and Guile
by P J O'Rourke

Described as `à quarter a century of previously uncollected fulminations, diatribes, phillipics, animadversions, bullyrags, readings of the riot act, middle finger flag downs, scoffings, slander, calumnies and licks of the rough side of the tongue`

Picture of The Colour of Magic
The Colour of Magic
by Tery Pratchett

On a world supported by a giant turtle, a wickedly eccentric expedition sets out.

Picture of Knees Up Mother Earth
Knees Up Mother Earth
by Robert Rankin

Rankin is the master of the unconventional combination. This time football, time travel and magic are in the mix. And everything is in the balance.

Picture of Spy Thatcher
Spy Thatcher
by William Rushton

Mad, scatty, utterly preposterous. It is Rushton on top form.

Picture of No Time For Work
No Time For Work
by George Ryan

Irish wit at its very best.

Picture of A Load of Balls
A Load of Balls
by John Scally

Quips, misquotes and amusing anecdotes galore.

Picture of When You Are Engulfed in Flames
When You Are Engulfed in Flames
by David Sedaris

David Sedaris has the ability to draw humour out of the most mundane situations. From the embarrassment of dropping a lozenge out of your mouth onto a fellow passenger on a flight to his own attempt to give up smoking.

Picture of I Dare Ya!
I Dare Ya!
by Beppe Severegnini

Bombarded by thousands of "I dare ya to…" these two comedians decided to see what would happen if they did. So, the got a film crew and did.

Picture of The English Gentleman
The English Gentleman
by Douglas Sutherland

This book offers a window through which to see the life of the Gentleman. Where he might live, what he might wear, his school, his hobbies, his sports, his mode of speech and the acceptable way to behave.

Picture of Cream of Thurber
Cream of Thurber
by James Thurber

Excerpts taken from My Life and Hard Times, The Owl in the Attic, The Middle-Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze and Let Your Mind Alone. Thurber at his very best. Unbeatable.

Picture of Gland Time
Gland Time
by Don Townshend

A forty-year old slaughterhouse worker, a novice greyhound, a pair of luscious and obliging twins and buckets of adrenal glands all combine for a rib-tickling, rib-rubbing, ribald romp in Runset.

Picture of Pigs Have Wings
Pigs Have Wings
by P G Wodehouse

A tale of jealousy, snobbery and mirth.

Picture of The Day Job
The Day Job
by Terry Wogan

Full of the wit we are accustomed to hearing on the radio and seeing on TV.

Picture of Horse Nonsense
Horse Nonsense
by Yeatman and Sellar

A light-hearted and satirical look at horses and their masters.