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Gardening Books by the following authors

Gardening Books

General Gardening

Picture of Modern Gardening inside cover
Modern Gardening by J S Dakers

Picture of The Lazy Gardener's Guide book cover
The Lazy Gardener's Guide by Geoffrey Gilbert

Picture of All About Gardening book cover
All About Gardening by G H Preston

Picture of Gardening With Green Fingers book cover
Gardening With Green Fingers by Violet Stevenson

Picture of Down to Earth book cover
Down to Earth by Anne Scott-James

Garden Planning and Design

Picture of Garden Planning book cover
Garden Planning by H G Witham Fogg

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Shrubs

Picture of Ornamental Shrubs book cover
Ornamental Shrubs by Edward Hyams

Picture of Ornamental Shrubs Sept.Nov.Flowering book cover
Ornamental Shrubs Sept.Nov.Flowering by Edward Hyams


Picture of Dwarf Rhododendrons book cover
Dwarf Rhododendrons by Peter A Cox

Picture of Cut Flowers and Foliage Plants book cover
Cut Flowers and Foliage Plants by H G Witham Fogg

All Year round Gardening

Picture of Dictionary of Annual Plants book cover
Dictionary of Annual Plants by H G Witham Fogg

The Indoor Garden

Picture of Fine Flowered Cacti book cover
Fine-Flowered Cacti by F R McQuown

Picture of The Illustrated Guide to Cacti and Indoor Plants book cover
The Illustrated Guide to Cacti and Indoor Plants by Bruno Schonfelder and W J Fischer

Flower Showing

Picture of The Flower Show book cover
The Flower Show by E D Wearn

The Winter Garden