Real books delivered to you

Combine Orders
You can combine orders to get more bang for your buck.
Save money
Each book has a Book Weight feature in the description.
This is the net weight of the book
Add up the weight of the books you require and allow 5% of weight for packaging
A quantity of books ordered brings the unit delivery price down.
The following rates apply.
Email me at (Use Contact button at top of page) for more details.

Up to 3Kg Up to 4Kg Up to 5Kg Up to 10Kg
Throughout Ireland(incl N.I.) €7.50 €7.50 €7.50 €7.50
To Great Britain €21.00 €23.00 €23.00 -
To Rest of Europe €21.00 €28.50 €34.00 -
To New Zealand & Australia €55.00 €70.00 €85.00 -
To Rest of World €38.00 €46.00 €54.00 -