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Art Books

Art History

Picture of Renaissance book cover
Renaissance by G C Argan

This book is a general account of painting during the Renaissance period relating to its historical and social background.

Picture of Irish Illuminated Manuscripts book cover
Irish Illuminated Manuscripts by James Johnson Sweeney

Plates extracted from the Book of Darrow and the Book of Kells showing examples of monumental achievement in their time.

Art Appreciation

Picture of A Fair View book cover
A Fair View by Henk J van den Berg

This is a review of Dutch painting, perhaps not by the Masters but of interest as it is intertwined with comments on Queen Beatrix and on Dutch life in general.

Picture of Paul Klee book cover
Paul Klee by Douglas Cooper

Penguin Modern Painters Series. With an excellent introduction this book has 31 plates, printed back-to-back, colour prints on one side. These display many of his best work from 1920 to 1939.

Picture of An Artist Abroad book cover
An Artist Abroad by James McNeill Whistler

This is a collection of Whistler's prints that were bestowed on the National Gallery of Australia through his sister-in-law after his death.

Picture of Mona Lisa book cover
Mona Lisa by Donald Sassoon

Beguiling and alluring, this work says something to everyone, more than likely something different to everyone. That is it reaches our core and brings us out.

Art Techniques

Picture of Watercolour and Sketching for Beginners book cover
Watercolour and Sketching for Beginners by Parragon

With an introduction to the materials and the effects which can be achieved using them. Really good basics book.

Picture of Advanced Lithography book cover
Advanced Lithography by Richard Vicary

Richard Vicary has written a textbook dealing with techniques such as transferring, gouache, the use of paper plates, photographically prepared images, mixed-media prints, embossing, three-dimensional prints and many